Super Busy Fishing Lake In Northern Thailand

Published March 3, 2020

Rumble Incredible footage shows how hundreds of anglers gather for a fishing festival in northern Thailand. The event, which happens once every two years, sees villagers from across the region converge on the lake in Sakon Nakhon province. Drone video from Sunday (Feb 9) shows them using a variety of traditional methods to catch tropical fish - far removed from the modern carbon-fibre rods and sensors used in modern angling. Some locals have long hand-made bamboo poles or baskets while others drag nets from their rowing boats. One of the most common methods appears to be four-pronged nets which resemble fly covers for cakes. Visitor Suchet Somwongsa said all of the people who take part in the festival are local fisherman who catch fish for a living. He said: ''This happens every two years at the start of Sping but the exact date changes each time. It's a chance for all the local fishermen to get together and have a re-union. ''There is an agreement that it doesn't happen too often as we don't want to destroy the fish stocks in the lake.''