Elephants Steal Snacks From Truck Next To Them

Published March 3, 2020

Rumble This is the hilarious moment two elephants helped themselves to bundles of sugar cane from a truck while they were waiting in traffic. The jumbos were being transported on lorries when they pulled up at the busy junction in Nakhon Sawan, northern Thailand, on Saturday (Feb 8). Unfortunately for the driver carrying the harvest of crops, the elephants smelled the sweet aroma of the sugar cane on the truck next to them. They seized the moment and reached across with their huge trunks - quickly stuffing their faces before the lights changed to green. Onlooker Sunisa Champangern captured the scene while she was in a car behind the elephants. She said: ''I've occasionally seen elephants being transported before but it was a coincidence that they stopped next to a truck with food on. ''They were reaching across to grab a snack from the other lorry. It was carrying sugar cane from a farm. ''I think the driver will have a hard time explaining why some of the crops are missing. I thought it was very funny to watch.'' Thailand has between 3,000 and 4,000 elephants. Around half live in the wild in national parks while the others are domesticated.