Ambush: The 180lbs Neapolitan Mastiff I BIG DOGZ

Published February 14, 2020 3,363 Views

Rumble THIS FAMILY OF FOUR are making a name for themselves in the dog breeding world – specialising in GINORMOUS Neapolitan Mastiffs. Inland Empire Mastinos, in California, breed these huge guard dogs that have been used to intimidate intruders since the days of Ancient Rome and have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Co-owner Albert told Barcroft TV: “The defining features that make a top-quality Neapolitan Mastiff are big bones, big block heads, good girth on the whole body itself”. A top-quality Neapolitan Mastiff puppy from these guys can cost up to $8000 dollars. Over the years, Inland Empire Mastinos have been perfecting their pack through careful breeding and currently own six grown mastiffs. Albert introduced us to their mastiffs: “We have Mary Shaw, she’s weighing in at 120 pounds, very active; Clyde, he is three years old and always on guard; we have Bonnie weighing in at 135 pounds and she always tried to be the Alpha female”. Baby Face Nelson tends to be the laziest one; Mystery is about 120 pounds and Ambush is our biggest dog.” Ambush weighs a whopping 180lbs.