Kobe Bryant crash was 'high energy impact': NTSB

Published January 29, 2020

Rumble / Trending NewsInvestigators said on Tuesday that the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant was involved in a "high energy impact crash" when it slammed into a hillside in foggy weather on Sunday, killing the basketball star and eight others, including his 13-year-old daughter. Ryan Brooks reports.


  • JU87, 10 weeks ago

    Since Im a pilot I will tell you what probably happened. The Kobe not knowing about anything but sports pressured to the pilot to take off against the pilots better judgement for fear of losing his job. The helicopter is an excellent Instrument flying machine and designed to take workers off shore to oil rigs in bad weather. Two pilots makes it much easier and they have radar and gps chart plotters and every other high tech navigation thing you can think of but it sounds like the pilot ignored all that expensive electronics and tried to just see where he was going out the window and had no visual reference and got vertigo. Experienced pilots know about this and trust their equipment. Its better than guessing

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  • snickums63, 6 weeks ago

    I was wondering about a stroke or heart attack for the pilot. He went to 2200 ft after saying he was going to 24-25, turned left and hit the mountain at around 185 mph. Sure seems like something happened

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