Bossy Yorkshire Terrier Demands To Be Fed

Published January 15, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA bossy little dog growled at her owner demanding to be fed. Kwanrutha Thongnopakao prepared a bowl of food and put it before the pooch who was sitting in the house in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday (26/11) morning. Footage shows the two facing each other while the six-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Tam-tam began growling to demand her owner feed her. Kwanrudee used the spoon to scoop the food and put it in the pooch's mouth for a couple of times. As soon as she stopped, the pooch started to growl again. She’s head joking with her dog in the video. She says: "I prepared the food for you and yet I still have to fed you. Does mummy have to do everything for you?’’