This crazy cat's "butt wiggle" compilation will crack you up

Published January 10, 2020

Rumble / CompilationsFor whatever reason, this kitty performs a patented butt wiggle before pouncing. Too funny!

Surely you know that cats like to jump to hunt birds and insects, since cats are predators by nature, but do you think all cats jump and hunt in the same way? Watch how this cat moves before jumping! Usually, all cats have a different personality, since not everyone has the same tastes, but the personality of this adorable cat seems to be quite charismatic, since this adorable cat makes very funny movements before jumping. In this fun video, you will see a great compilation of the hip movements that this adorable cat does just before jumping. This cat's hips move as if he were dancing, but they only intend to jump towards their targets. This cat's movements will leave you totally surprised!

You probably think that cats come from tigers or some type of known feline animal. Well, no. They descend from the miacis. These are extinct animals that had a long body and short legs accompanied by an extensive tail. These were carnivorous animals that lived in tropical areas. At first the cats were wild animals and began to tame when the Egyptians adopted them as gods and lived with them. As they were fed, they no longer had the need to fight for their survival, so wild game was no longer part of their life.

Cats, although domestic, are still hunting for one simple reason: genes. And it is that their ancestors were survivors, strong and hunters. There were two options: hunt or die. Despite being domesticated, hunting is something innate in cats. Hunting depends on moving prey, so we can always attract a cat by moving something. No matter whether you eat or not, it will always come before something in motion. This happens because of their genes inclined to hunt. It is interesting and at least curious to see how despite the years, cats continue to do something they no longer need: hunting.

Have you ever seen how cats hunt? They are not very different from felines, hence it has always been thought that they came from them. His main technique is stalking. Observe the dam, know what its route is and smell it from afar. Wait and wait, no matter how much. If something characterizes this animal is patience. When the prey approaches, the cat will already be in a strategic place that will allow him to jump on it without being seen. If the prey is a bird, the shape of the stalking will be somewhat different. This will be done by crawling on the ground until it reaches the distance of about two meters from the dam. Then he will run and jump on it without the bird noticing.

Although YouTube videos run of cats that are scared of mice, yes, mice are prey that cats hunt. But also among its conquests have been known other types of small mammals with bats, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. Some do not even eat them, but their intrinsic need to hunt is stronger than their common sense. Hence they launch on anything in motion.


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