Male Termite Comforts 'Wife' As She Gives Birth

Published December 18, 2019

Rumble Fascinating footage shows a termite queen giving birth - while her 'husband' stands comforting her. The insect's enlarged body was seen convulsing after she went into labour in Phuket, southern Thailand last Friday (6/12) evening. Resident Umaporn Wonganu noticed the creature's undulating white sack moving as hundreds of white larvae eggs prepared to emerge. In a touching insight of the bond between mother and father termites, the male insect was seen standing gently at her side. His antennae and front legs even appeared to be caressing the body of his 'wife' with all the concern that a human father would have in a hospital ward. Umaporn said she had never seen such a scene before. She said the male had been there from the first moment his pregnant wife had went into labour. She said: "The termite king stayed next to the queen all the time. He was there ever since she started giving birth. It was so interesting to see the process. The male termite really cared about his wife.''