Wild Elephant Has To Be Ushered Off Road In Thailand

Published December 18, 2019

Rumble A wild elephant sparked panic among drivers before being ushered off the road. The jumbo, named Boonchuay was spotted walking on a narrow road where people were passing by in Nakhon Ratchasiman, northeastern Thailand on Monday (02/12) morning. Footage from a park ranger shows the moment he shouts at the elephant and tells him to return to the jungle amid concern that he would be hit by a car. The officer said that he had to rebuke the beast because he would not listen when talking to him nicely. He said: "The elephant was walking calmly on the narrow road but that is dangerous for him.I had to scold him otherwise he would walk on and perhaps be hit by a car." The sulking jumbo trudged onto th egrass verge and disappeared into the jungle.