Huge Manta Ray Glides Past Scuba Divers

Published December 18, 2019

Rumble / Ocean LifeThis is the breathtaking moment a 13ft long manta ray glided past a group of divers. The footage was recorded by scuba diving master Natthaphong Nilsawat in Phang-nga, southern Thailand last Satureday (7/12) morning while he taking a trip to appreciate the beauty of the Andaman's underwater marine life. The video shows the the huge ray curiously swimming over the divers, circling back and checking them out once more. It was at a depth of around 32ft. Natthapong said it was one of the his most memorable diving moments. He said: ''Seeing manta rays up close is on the dream list for many divers. We spent thirty minutes together under the sea. The more we see of the protected aquatic animals, the more we appreciate the richness of the underwater environment."