Brothers Modify Motorcycle To Ride Through Flood

Published December 18, 2019

Rumble Two motorcyclists found an ingenious way of riding through flooded roads with wacky customised bikes. Ikram Shahidi Mat Kail, 24, and his brother, Muhammad Zakaria, 22, altered their bikes after rainwater covered paths in Terengganu, Malaysia, on December 3. They used plastic bottles suspended from metal poles as fuel tanks, while the exhausts were extended and pointed up to prevent them from being clogged with water. Ikram Shahidi said it only took them two hours to finish renovating the Honda C70 and Modenas Kriss 110 motorcycles that they own. He said: ''We tried doing this last year but it failed. The motorcycle died in the water. We improved the model of the previous one and during the test drive, it worked perfectly." The two brothers work as a mechanics at a workshop while also working part-time as fishermen. The older brother said he wants to get a formal education with his brother so they can improve their amphibious motorcycles. He said: "They can be useful because our region is often flooded. We can also help bring villagers to safety.'' Last week, Terengganu and nearby provinces were submerged with multiple waves of flooding due to heavy rainfall that caused the region's river to burst its banks.