School Pupils Carry Disabled Dog From The Rain

Published December 18, 2019

Rumble This is the heartwarming moment two school pupils ran to help a disabled dog being drenched in the rain. The pooch was trying to find shelter but was stuck trying to climb onto the pavement curb because of its broken back legs. Elderly teacher Khatthaliya Korkiatpithak recorded the struggling dog in Pattani, southern Thailand, on Tuesday November 26, afternoon. Two young pupils in plastic ponchos then dashed out to lift the dog and carry him to safety out of the wet monsoon weather. Khatthaliya said the white pooch had been turning up to school every day for the last couple of years - even though it was hit by a car recently causing it to become disabled. The teacher said: "My students kindly helped the dog out of the heavy rain because the dog could not get up the step. ''It was such a precious moment that happened in the school.''