Bulldog Sunbathes In Tiny Piece Of Light

Published December 18, 2019

Rumble This is the adorable moment a puppy finds the only slither of sunlight in the yard to bask in the warmth. The one-year-old American Bully named Kor was walking around the garden outside her family home in Bangkok, Thailand. With the house casting a long, dark shadow across the drive way, the female pooch was left in the dark. But she managed to sniff out the only strip of sunlight - a small one metre long rectangle - and plonked herself in its glow. Footage of the clever sun-seeking bulldog was recorded on December 6 while the Thai capital was - and still is - experiencing a chilly spell from the cooler winter temperatures. Kor's owner, Chanachon, said: ''Kor was looking for a comfortable place to sleep. She found the only position in the whole yard where there was sun. She's a smart dog. The look on her face while he was sunbathing was very funny. She is like a princess that loves luxury. She's very cute and funny most of the time.''