Manchester Police welcome 9 new puppies to the force

Published November 7, 2019 10,932 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs are animals smart enough to be part of the local police? Probably yes, since most people who have dogs as a pet say that dogs are very intelligent animals capable of learning many things and following instructions. For many years, dogs have been good companion animals for the police, since these animals have an incredible nose that allows them to easily detect hazards in the area. On Friday, September 13, 9 German shepherd puppies, of which 4 are male and 5 are female, began to be part of the Greater Manchester police, who will be trained to become an excellent canine police. Dogs are animals capable of doing many things!

Dogs have an exaggerated odor far superior to that of humans, no matter what smell tests are performed, dogs will always be superior to humans. Some of the different utilities that the police can give to working dogs, explosives detectors, drugs, money, rescue, corpses, people, in short, many uses in the field of detection, in addition to protection, defense and security. These dogs have the main role, with a special preparation and training, very thorough, constant but the guide is also very important, knowing the character, possibilities, reactions and defects of the dog, form an exceptional and virtually infallible binomial.

Police dogs are prepared to detect people who approach with bad intentions, to detect among the crowd, who is good and who is bad, except in special cases and a bad socialization, it is not possible, but these dogs can be touched by children. These dogs can play with children, and as soon as a person with bad intentions approaches, they change their attitude and it is that they detect it by the segregation of the pores of the skin, by the attitude of the people who approach you. These dogs are truly trained to attack, defend or neutralize the enemy. It is not like in sports training, dogs only bite a sleeve or a special suit and the same person separates from these devices and can approach the dog without fear of being attacked, police dogs are trained to make all kinds of people and of all types of conditioning.

In summary, what is sought is speed and efficiency, which causes a minimum inconvenience to the population, since times and discomfort are reduced to people, which the dog already discards with a simple and fast sniffing. The current society, lives with a constant coming and going, in a hurry, not being viable, prolong the records for long hours, at airports, borders or sporting events to avoid an attack, the commission of a crime or the task entrusted in a very sure Then, the main function of working dogs, destined and trained by the police, contributes mainly to their sense of smell, to carry out police tasks to the full extent of the word, in favor of speed, efficiency and dedication at work, such as security and defense, which bring their attitude, presence and protection to the police themselves.

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