Adorable kitten strokes and cuddles with sheep best friend

Published November 5, 2019 9,611 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDo you think cats and sheep could be best friends? Probably not, since they are very different animals, however, this video shows that it is possible that sheep and cats are best friends. Sheep are quite calm animals, usually they don't usually get into trouble, while cats are a bit more outgoing animals, they love to explore and discover new things. On the Juggling Daisies farm in West Bend, Wisconsin, a woman named Amy Zimmer adopted a six-month-old cat, as she thought she needed a little more company, so fortunately the cat turned out to be quite affectionate, you can even see it in the video how she loves to play with her friends the sheep. That cat loves sheep's wool, since he doesn't stop playing with his sheep friends!

Cats love warm and comfortable places, so sunbathing is one of their favorite activities. If your cat comes out, the experience will be more pleasant if you place a comfortable bed in a place where you can sunbathe in silence, away from annoying noises, safe from possible dangers and where the rays of the king's star reach the cat's body . If, on the other hand, you have an indoor cat, we recommend that you run the curtain in front of a window, so that the cat is not deprived of this pleasant activity for him.

In addition, this taste for the sun extends to other areas, because what the cat looks for is heat. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to also enjoy sleeping near other places that emit heat, such as on your computer, between electronic devices or even behind the refrigerator, for example. Of course, in these cases, make sure that there is no danger to the cat, such as a loose wire, damaged equipment, risk of short circuit or electrocution, or even temperatures that may rise too high.

Contrary to what many people believe, another of the things that cats like is to receive affection, since they really enjoy the time they spend with their human family, especially if they are dedicated to pampering and petting it. These, of course, are not always welcome, so if you notice that after stroking your cat for a while it bothers you, you better leave it alone, but you can bite it. The caresses are not well received in all parts of the body, so you should concentrate them on the back, chin and ears. Few cats enjoy being petted in the womb, because they only allow it when they feel very confident that the person is doing it. Paws are forbidden, since all cats hate being touched.

It is important to know what are the caresses of most cats that pretend to scratch, but you should never do them against the counter. In addition, the sessions should be short and only when the cat feels comfortable with them, so you should evaluate if it is a good time. Of course, strange caresses will rarely be well received. This cat loves to relax!

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