Curious cat searching for scraps of food gets bag stuck on its head

Published November 1, 2019 9,498 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis eloquent curious cat looking for pieces of food in a paper bag managed to end up being the cause of everyone's laughter, after Chipotle's bag got stuck in his head. While owner Jess Byard enjoyed a quick dinner at her home in Akron, Ohio, on October 11, her curious pet the cat "Spock" wanted to see if there was any food left in the bag, but in his eagerness to look for some pieces of tortilla the cat made his head get stuck in the paper bag. Very funny!

Cats are curious by nature, but it is only a few days after birth, when they have managed to open their eyes and see what surrounds them, that they begin to understand that the world is an inhospitable place and they have to observe and know it. Cats have an innate curiosity and a hunting instinct, so you'll have to be careful with your cat when he enters areas of the house that are off-limits to him. Cats don't just pry around them. They also want to touch those bright things you see in the kitchen. Yes, the kitchens are burning. Or the beautiful and steamy iron that is so warm and appetizing.

So you'll have to be careful with your cat if he's putting his paws where they don't belong. When your cat touches something she shouldn't, it's a vital problem for your cat. But he'll come out scalded and won't do it again. But it's more important to prevent your cat from swallowing something she shouldn't, or playing with something she shouldn't touch or sniff. The most dangerous places in a home are of course the kitchen, garage, and bathroom.The kitchen is a dangerous place because it is full of terrifying instruments, such as the blender, oven, refrigerator, and other items worthy of mention such as the express pot, or frying pans. But the garage also has its dangers. If you have a car, your cat will want to get into it. And if he can't get into it when the door is open, believe me, he'll get into it with the door closed and between the engine wheels.

It's a good idea to check the car before you start the engine, and look for the jack before you start the car. The bathroom is three quarters of the same. The bathroom is the same as the kitchen and garage. Cats want to get into the most hidden places, or play in the bathtub. And if the bathtub is full for any reason, the cat can jump into it comfortably, until it slips into the bottom and sees that its mistake has been huge. Remember, water and electricity in the bathroom, bad business, especially if you have the heating on at that time. Beware of your cat's curiosity. It's not bad that your cat is curious, but you know the saying. Curiosity killed the cat. And maybe in your house your cat is safe, but by own experience, I assure you that there are people in the vicinity that do not love the animals so much. Protect your cat as much as you can.