Guy amazingly travels around world in 80 hours in 1st class experiment

Published October 31, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / World TravelIs it possible to go around the world in 80 hours? You probably thought not, but really if possible, and this man has taken care of trying. Most people like to experiment and demonstrate that they are capable of doing many things that were believed impossible, for this reason, this man named Noel Phillips, 38, decided to embark on a journey to go around the world in just 80 hours, and also for that, he made the trip quite economical considering the duration of the flight. Throughout the video you can see how excited this man is while filming the exciting moment while inside the plane, he also takes the opportunity to show everything inside the plane. This would not be done by anyone!

Surely some of you have wondered about the importance of traveling, of course, the answers may vary from one person to another according to their experiences and the importance of traveling in each one's life. It is important that we be aware that a person's experiences and knowledge are formed through the small and large events that have shaped his life. That is why a life rich in experiences provides the person with learning and resources to face everyday situations with greater capacity for response and resolution.

Today, the opportunity to travel and get to know different places, cultures, people, sounds, flavors, aromas, live new experiences with all the senses was never as easy and economical as today, no matter how busy we are, we must always find a space. in our busy schedule to allow us to open ourselves to new horizons. The important thing about all this is to allow us to enjoy, give us time to meet, experience, "lose ourselves" in places, discover its charm and the secret it has to tell us. When we travel, we learn and experience new things, that many of them make us enjoy life in a different way than we were used to, we can see life with new perspectives, since many of us traveling is like a re-connection.

Another positive aspect of traveling is that it allows you to learn to value what you have. Sometimes people tend to look and focus our attention on the negative things that happen to us, but what about the good and positive things? They are there, we just need to know how to appreciate them and when you go to other places and meet other cultures, other people with other experiences is when you look back and appreciate everything you've had and everything that is to come.

Many people say that the best thing about traveling is that you can learn new languages. Today, knowing several languages ​​is very important on a personal level, but above all on a professional level, since we live in a globalized world and competitiveness is growing and we must prepare for it. And this brings us to another great advantage of traveling, we become much more interesting. Traveling is an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and stories, which without intention will arise in conversations with other people. In addition, due to the natural curiosity of the human being, everything he does or says related to something that others do not know and that he learned or experienced abroad. Traveling makes you a better person!


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