Artist creates creepy hyper-realistic tarantula and wasp tattoos

Published October 31, 2019 12,832 Views

Rumble / Creative VisualsSurely we all have wanted to get a tattoo at some point in our lives. Some of us have probably dropped the idea but others have entered the colorful world of tattooing.Surely we all have wanted to get a tattoo at some point in our lives. Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. The art form can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt, but there have been examples of tattoos found in other cultures where they developed individually, especially in China, Polynesia, and South East Asia. The art form was popular in South East Asia as tribal and religious symbols. These tattoos were largely given using a method where a needle dipped in ink would be rapidly stabbed into the skin.

Tattoos spread to the western world with Captain Cook's voyages, on his first voyage, his crew returned from their travels in Asia with tattoos of plants and important symbols from their travels. In addition, Captain Cook brought back a native Pacific islander who was tattooed, which highly interested King George of England. Shortly after the first tattoo shop opened in the United Kingdom, but was still largely associated with sailors.A man tattoo is so realistic that it has made arachnophobes scream in terror – and has reached 19 million views on social media. Retired I.T. worker Dave Tomlinson, 62, from Wakefield, England, has 16 tattoos all over his arms, legs, and chest. Dave’s last piece is massive. Tattoos are permanent and will always be with a person. So, tattoos should be a work of art that you will always appreciate. The guy in this video has a real treasure on his shoulder. Totally has done arachnophobes scream in terror.

The tattoos make into his shoulder this guy looks like he has come back from a battleground. One big round of applause for the artist that created this work of art on this guy’s shoulder. It looks very real, but now you must be asking yourself if he's always going to have to stand like that now so everyone can see his new tattoo? Maybe, but one thing is for sure. Lots of them are yet to come. People around the world have many different and unique talents. One of the most abundant talents is being able to draw and being an artist. That being said, no two artist are the same as they each have their own unique style and drawing preference that sets them apart. The man in this video is a great example of how an artist can have a unique style.

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