Cute kitten very courageous!

Published October 25, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Hi my dear friends! This is my little adopted cat. Is 3 weeks old here. He is at my place since two weeks. I found him under some stairs of a building. Near to him was a cartoon box, so, someone put it there and abandoned it. I was looking for his mother or eventually another brothers, but he was alone. He was so dirty and also one behind leg was hurt. Even he was hurt, he tried to catch some attention from the people that were walking there. But, because he was near to the road, people just took him and put it back under the stairs or in the box and that all. Nobody did something for him. I was on the way to the Hall, for some papers, and I couldn't take it with me. All the time I was so worried about him and I did my best to finish quickly and to return to him. After one hour, I was on the way to him. I was asking from a shop for a small cartoon box and quickly I returned to him. He was crying desperately, searching everywhere, even between the cars, someone to save him. But not attention... I approached him, reached out and told him, what are you doing, little boy, where is your mother? When he heard my voice, he was coming quickly to me, crying with more power! I told him, is OK now, don't worry, I will take you with me and you will not sleep in the cold and you will not be hungry anymore! Start with today, you will have a family, a warm place to sleep, food and many, many love! And this is his story! When he is hungry and he wants milk, is not important what I do or if I am busy, he comes in my arms, climbing my feet or my back, with a big courage, asking for food. He eat very often, two hours by two ours, as is still a baby. He don't have still a name. As a nickname, I call him Patratzel, that means little square. This is because of the black spots that he have. I will put a short name, but for the moment I don't have any idea what name fits him. Maybe you can give me a suggestion, I will be happy to have a beautiful and short name for my new baby!


  • VivianaBunea, 3 weeks ago

    Thanks dear! See you soon!

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