Video captures the incredible moment house collapses in deadly flood

Published October 18, 2019 3,961 Views $15.12 earned

Rumble / Strange WeatherIntense rainfall in Nigeria has caused deadly floods that have claimed the lives of at least 12 people and destroyed countless homes and businesses. Since June, more than 170 people were injured and 210,000 people were displaced. Torrential rains and flash floods continue to be a problem as rivers swell and communities find themselves underwater.

This video was recorded in the middle of October in Delta State, near the southern coast. Delta State borders the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Flooding in the south caused the loss of many homes, such as this one that was still under construction. As the owner looked on and checked on the flooding, he noticed serious structural damage and heard ominous creaks and groans from the building. He stood in waist deep water, dismayed at the condition of his home.

While onlookers and friends recorded from behind him, he contemplated a closer approach to the building. Startled and horrified, he watched the sudden collapse of corner of the building. The brick was unstable and disintegrated right in front of their eyes. The entire structure toppled into the water in a cloud of dust. One onlooker laughed at the man's reaction and the irony of it falling as he watched.

In disbelief, the owner said "The house all fall!"

Conditions such as this will continue in Nigeria as more heavy rains are predicted and communities struggle to deal with overflowing rivers. The government has declared a state of emergency for many regions.