Rescue Pup Gifted A Wheelchair Made Of Legos

Published October 15, 2019 4,295 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis rescued dog has completely changed his life after receiving a wheelchair made of LEGOS. This is incredible! When little Gracie was only six weeks old, she was rescued with several wounds in the skin of her eyes and legs where she was full of worms, but thanks to her rescue the dog is totally rehabilitated and can enjoy her new LEGO wheelchair. Seeing this dog walk is really gratifying, since now she will be able to walk and have a more normal life thanks to the ingenious adaptation of LEGOS in her canine wheelchair. This is amazing!

Until some time ago, the solution for disabled dogs was sacrifice. Fortunately, nowadays these animals can have a good quality of life thanks to wheelchairs. Are there any limitations? Obviously, yes, but it is enough to watch different videos that we will find on the Internet to see how these cheerful animals make an almost normal life. They can play, run, go up and down stairs, etc. In the market there is a great variety of models of wheelchairs for those dogs that unfortunately have become physically incapacitated.Nowadays veterinary advances are very advanced and the care given to pets are increasingly specialized and get to improve their quality of life.

In spite of the level of the veterinarian in the present moment, in occasions this medical care is not sufficient. When a dog is prostrate, paralyzed in its rear train, if it cannot move its hind legs, the professional can do little to restore mobility. This loss of mobility is normal after any surgical intervention, fractures, accidents, etc.. Loss of mobility may also be due to some diseases or degenerative processes. This is the case with severe canine osteoarthritis, dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, hernias, paralysis, etc. Permanent paralysis of the front or hind legs is often an important cause of loss of mobility. So are amputations or birth defects in the extremities that prevent proper mobility. The so-called reduced mobility can be generated by neurological problems, spinal problems, herniated discs or any type of trauma. This limited mobility usually occurs in cases of advanced age or obesity, when the animal can not support itself with any of its limbs.

We will find a wide variety of wheelchairs for our pet to help you overcome your disability. We will be able to choose "brand" chairs. They are manufactured following a standardized industrial process. There are also models that can be handmade. Another option is the wheelchairs for dogs that we dare to build with our own hands. A very interesting novelty in dog chairs are the 3D models, built from the measures of the dog. For more information, in numerous web pages we can see available files and instructions to manufacture these examples of last generation. The first thing to keep in mind is to analyze what measures are those of our pet. A mistake here can ruin the whole process, because the animal could not walk. It's about making life easier for our friend. Once we have the exact measurements, if we have decided to order a wheelchair for dogs, we will provide them to the company or craftsman in charge.

There is also the option of special models that adapt to any size. These dog wheelchairs can be ordered overnight. They have a design that allows the dog to adapt as its use progresses. This type of models are ideal for puppies, as we can adapt them as our dog grows. In some cases they are foldable, which will save space and gain in comfort. There are wheelchairs for dogs developed for small breeds, with very light materials. There are many materials that can be useful for the construction of wheelchairs for dogs: steel, methacrylate, aluminum, PVC tubes, etc.. In this case for this small dog have used pieces of LEGO something as we can see has resulted in an excellent idea that in addition to being very useful can reduce costs. Next to the structure, it is important to select the type of wheels that we will use in the chair. We will do it in function of the zone where the animal is going to transit.