Chocolate covered balloon explodes In girl's face

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Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you like cooking recipes? Watch this funny video, while a girl tries to follow a recipe step by step, but something goes wrong and ends up filling the entire face with chocolate, in addition to watering the chocolate throughout the kitchen, this girl is probably in serious trouble, although this results be quite funny. All children like to do new things, since it is a good age to learn and discover new things that help them grow and be responsible adults with abundant knowledge. This girl learned a lesson she will never forget in her life, since she realized that balloons and chocolate are not a good combination. Very funny!

The shy and adorable girl named Jersey Lockwood, with only 11 years old, is trying to learn a new recipe, so she does everything possible to film the moment she rubs a balloon on a plate full of chocolate. After what happened, the girl ran to ask her mother for help, since she was a little scared about the mess she had made in the kitchen. Nobody expected this recipe to go wrong, so everyone was really surprised, but it turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone who watched the video, and the girl also enjoyed the pleasant moment. Something went wrong!

It is important that children learn cooking recipes, and this is very easy since it is not necessary to elaborate complicated recipes. You can get those same benefits by giving him a sandwich in a fun way, helping him with cold canapés or mixing the ingredients of a cake or some cookies. It is proven that children like to simply read me the recipe or ingredients that I will need and break the chicken fillets. Children can make very simple recipes, and these are the right ones to elaborate in their learning moment, since it will help them to become cooking teachers after a while of practice.

The kitchen is for children a great space for sensory experimentation, meaningful learning based on reality and a place to generate lasting links with their families, and this motivates them a lot to continue learning. Taking advantage of this motivation, the kitchen is for me the perfect ally to move them away from technologies, why not say so. I also try to attract them to be a connection point, to share and spend time together and not think about technology, something that in the home there is a rule that makes them decrease that need.

One of the main reasons for children's jokes is to get attention. For this reason, the objective of the jokes of many children is usually precisely the objects that we most appreciate. Another reason why they want to get our attention is that we know they are angry. Therefore, his jokes focus, for example, on hiding our keys or breaking the toilet paper and putting it under our bed. Other jokes, even those that arise spontaneously, are made consciously to show that they can get or do something. There are even some jokes that are perfectly planned, because they have already done them before and know the result.


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