Dogs Vs Snakes! When Pooches Take On Predators

Published October 7, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Snakes are among the most deadly predators in the world. But when they come up against an angry dog, there's no contest about who comes out on top. Dogs are fiercely loyal and protective, so when they see a reptile invading their personal territory the aggressive barking immediately begins. If the snake, be it a cobra or python, doesn't slither away the prideful pooches will take assertive action. Dogs are not afraid to fight even the most highly venomous of snakes such as a king cobra or a powerful python. As these collection of videos demonstrates, mutts will use their paws to hit the snake and if necessary they will bite the reptile until it is dead. Sometimes, two or three dogs even use tag team tactics to take out an intruder in their yard. Dogs Vs Snakes shows that dogs rule!