This guy shatters a wine glass using only his voice

Published October 3, 2019 2,695 Views

Rumble An informal evening with friends turned into a night of devastating proportions as this noisy man sang until he managed to break a glass of wine. The talented Justin Klein was at home with his friends in Wilmington, North Carolina, last September 20 when he played games with his friends and bet that he was able to break a glass like an opera singer. After trying for a few minutes Justin Klein himself was speechless when he could actually do it. This is Awesome!

Surely if you think of a drink and an opera singer, the first thing that comes to mind is that typical image of an interpreter showing the power of her voice, breaking a drink at a distance. The truth is that it doesn't depend on the power of the voice and, knowing how to do it, any one of us can break a crystal glass with his voice. You don't need to be an opera singer to do it!

Why do you think the glass breaks? Many think that it is the power of the voice, its strength, that ends up breaking the glass. A kind of expansive wave of sound that hits the crystal glass and, being thin, ends up breaking. No, you can now attach the loudest screams to a glass that could never break. The key is called resonance frequency, and this is the most important thing to burst a glass or any other object. In the movies we have often seen scenes in which a song with a very sharp voice managed to break glass, but is it possible to break glass with the human voice?

The answer is yes, but it is not easy, All singers classify their voice according to its severity or sharpness and it is not only a matter of how it sounds, but its frequency causes vibrations that can go unnoticed or be a weapon of destruction. Can a singer break a glass with his voice? Science says yes, but it is not so easy to do, as it depends on several factors ranging from the shape of the glass to the thickness of the glass and, of course, the tone of the singer's voice.

Jeffrey Kysar, a mechanical engineer at Columbia University, explains how the voice of a powerful opera singer can break a glass and not just any glass because some are easier to break while others are impossible. Every piece of glass has a specific sound frequency which we can hear when a metallic object hits it, emitting small molecules of air around it while the material also vibrates.

To break a glass cup requires a sound that accurately imitates the waves that are emitted when hit and that is also strong enough so that the vibration caused not only makes it shake but also crack and break. If that powerful sound creates small screams in the right places the glass can break. According to science, this is more likely if high, completely hollow, tubular cups that are also thin are used.