Obsessed Octopus Cleans Pesky Shells Away From His Home

Published September 23, 2019 8,232 Views

Rumble / Ocean LifeIf you thought only humans were compulsive cleaners, you're wrong! We introduce you to our friend the octopus, who strives to clean his home of annoying shells, which get in the way of his particular home. The cozy house of this octopus is a plastic basket that he takes care of and keeps impeccable. Hilarious!

This cleaning-obsessed octopus cleaned a lot of annoying shells away from his home. Eric Desmet dived into Cannes, France, in August 2019, and in his exploration he came across the peculiar cephalopod, he didn't hesitate to engrave it, as the ingenious octopus was at work, cleaning his home of the shells that lay there, it's a pretty efficient octopus! He worries about what they'll say. Very funny!

It is a popular belief that all octopuses live on the bottom of the ocean. It is true that most species do, but some also live very close to the surface, especially young offspring when they hatch. This makes them very vulnerable to different predators, but as they grow they move deeper.

Due to pollution, the natural habitat of the octopus continues to be put at risk. They do not adapt to living in areas where there are large amounts of toxins as they have difficulty finding enough food in those places. It can also be dangerous for females and their eggs. Sometimes human efforts are concentrated on moving these creatures to other areas to survive.

Octopus cannot live in captivity. The duration of their lives is very short and being in captivity can create problems in the nervous system, as well as stress and lack of food. Some people try to keep them as pets in aquariums, but it rarely works for long. Not only because of their unsuitability to captivity, but also because they are very good at escaping. The octopus only lives in the oceans because of its need for salt water. They live in many places around the world. The most common area of the ocean where they can be found is along coral reefs. They create dens between small cracks and under rocks.

A person who is underwater looking for an octopus, has to know where to look and what details to pay attention to. Octopus are able to mix in their environment so well that even a well-trained eye can look and not see what is right in front of it. They don't settle in one place for long, they tend to find a new location every 10 or 14 days. Some even live in bottles or other trash that has reached the seabed. They are very opportunistic when it comes to finding a shelter to hide for a while.

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