Friendly beluga whale steals GoPro before returning it to kayaker

Published September 23, 2019 4,850 Views

Rumble / Ocean LifeThis beluga whale is a majestic being of nature that shows how beautiful the world can be. This Joachim got a very memorable experience, something that they will definably be talking about for years to come. It is these kinds of moments that you just have to take a step back and admire the world around you for what it is. It is so small we know of our planet and naturally it makes us unique as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we have been able to see almost everything that is above ground but many unimaginable things are lurking in the water’s depths and the insides of our mysterious planet.

Dolphins especially are known to be curious about outsiders, the animals that dwell on the surface. They are known to break the surface of their habitat, shine their adorable smiles and greet their visitors with a giggle. There is hardly a feeling that can trump that situation. This incredibly tame beluga whale pinched these kayakers GoPro but finally returns it. Diver Joachim Larssen was out on his kayak in the Hammerfest Bay in Norway when the famous tame beluga whale came to welcome him in September 2019. The incredibly gentle and curious whale known as Hvaldimir followed Joachim’s. One that can though is to be greeted by a massive humpback whale. They are the giants of the sea one whip of their mighty tails can squash you into pieces!

A Diver Joachim Larssen had the great opportunity to be greeted by one such glorious specimen. Here’s what the original poster of this clip had to say about the encounter: “This behavior is called a spy hop in which a whale will stick its head out of the water to get a better view above the surface. In this case, this baby humpback was taking a look directly at us! [It is] truly a [wonderful And truly beautiful it is! Nature is truly amazing and it needs to be documented through videos just like this one for the rest of the world to see. Is not nature just awesome? It is so unpredictable that you can never get bored of watching stuff like this! What do you think about this video? Make sure to write us more in the comments section below. If you like what you see, do not forget to share it with others who might like it as well.

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