Fluffy Maine Coon Kittens Look Like Tiny Werewolves

Published September 20, 2019 60,673 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensA woman from Russia has made the internet shocked with the photos of her cats with human-like behavior. The woman named, Tatiana Rastorgueva, from Moscow Russia, keeps Maine Coon kittens and has spent sixteen years of working with this special species- one of the most demanding breeds of domestic cats – to describe more special features in the particular breed of cats. Tatiana, who usually shares pictures of her animals on different social media platforms, has attracted more than 50,000 active followers. Many of them commented on her photos to say that the cats 'look like a human.

These cute Maine Coon cats are siblings. One of them is a female named Valkyrie and the other is a male named Confucius. They both were born at the cat sanctuary of Tatiana, which is calls Catsvill County on the internet. Maine Coon cats are famous for their extraordinary intelligence level, and it is supposed to be possible to train this breed as dogs are trained by their owners. Speaking about the strong affection, which she kept with the cats, Tatiana said: 'The cats have many habits common with their parents. I can say that they inherited the best habits from their parents.' She added to her statement: 'I am very sensitive and choosy whenever I look a new owners for my pets. I always search for the best owner who is most caring and loving.'

Talking about the reaction of the people towards these special kittens, she said: 'I often used to see the shocking reactions of different people when they see my cats.
‘Some of the time they say the kittens are looking like humans and sometimes they call them werewolves.’ She said that every cat breeder has his ideal features in the kittens and it takes time to get the cat he or she wants. “I have been working for the last sixteen years with this breed and want to get something different from this breed. Now I am very much close to my target but it is still not exactly what I want because my target is to show a different and the most beautiful Maine Coon to the world”, she said.

Tatiana's pictures have been viral on social media these days and got thousands of reactions and comments from the followers. One of the commenters says: “OMG! These are exactly like human beings and I can’t believe my eyes.”The other commented that “I want these kittens because they are so cute.” The Maine Coon kittens have become famous and they are attracting people across the world.