NASA Cuts ISS Live Stream After Strange UFO Appearance

Published September 8, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble UFO appears in ISS live stream and NASA interrupted connection immediately after. In this video you can see NASA's official live stream aboard the International Space Station. A strange anomaly appeared in the distant background in which it seems that the UFO was observing the atmosphere from close by and then flew away. Exactly after the appearance of this unknown flying object, the live internet stream with the ISS was abruptly terminated. Is NASA hiding alien activities?

It is not the first time NASA has been accused of hiding UFO evidence. In an earlier ISS live stream, the connection was also abruptly terminated, can this not be a coincidence? A UFO researcher discovered a UFO when he was watching the live-stream of the ISS. They suddenly changed camera, most likely to zoom in on the object that was seen in the distance. The UFO was only for a few seconds and then disappeared mysteriously. The UFO researcher noted that it was a disc-shaped object. Around the object was seen a strange glow. The UFO researcher speculated that it might be traces of a drive system of the alien vessel.

According to the UFO researcher aliens do exist. Earlier, he uploaded a video which shows how a Soyuz probe is approaching the station. At the time the spacecraft prepares to dock, suddenly strange objects appeared in the video. One of the objects that was approaching the spacecraft had a ring or a donut shape.

The space organization NASA is accused by conspiracy theorists for faking the moon landing of September 1959. The skeptics suspect that the world famous moon walk has been recorded in a movie studio to win the space race against Russia. A notable claim that is often mentioned is the American flag. According to them, it should not wiggle because there is no air. But this is discredited by debunkers, because the flag is kept tight with copper wire.