Playful Chimpanzee Absolutely Loves Swinging From His Hands

Published September 5, 2019 345 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA playful chimpanzee was taken by the spun and hand around in a joyous and happy video. The 3-year-old Lambani currently lives the comfortable life at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation(ZWF) in the Florida United States, where he plays around and has joy with the owner.

limbani did not have an easy start to his life, as he was born to a mama who had broken 3 of her ribs, resulting in her not being capable to provide milk for baby Lambani to feed on. This caused the newborn Lambani to suffer from pneumonitis, the ape lived up to his name of ‘be strong’, as not only did he survive, but he now lives a comfortable life with his friends and owner.

Limbaniwas rescued 2 years ago by Mario Tabrue Chairman and the director of the ZWF. Limbani is in the personal custody of Maria Tabrue co-chairman of Zoological Wildlife Foundation because of its (supposedly) trainability. She was properly aware of the African native traits and she worked carefully on Limbani. The baby chimp has learned a lot of things in a very short period of time.

Maria Tabraue said she used to "train it like a human, so it is the perfect breed for me". She added, that they are not typical lap chimpanzees, but they require a lot of room, attention and mental stimulation and they are not a breed for suitable for most people. One has to be a chimpanzee person to own an animal like this one. It is a lot like raising a very energetic chimp. As she only had a short time with Limbani, he was not easy to snap as she did not know when he would lower his paw to push the skateboard along.

Mr. Tabrue owner of ZWF applies his lifelong passion for wildlife to create one of a kind experiences with exotic pets. His years of hardworking have allowed him to better understand the endangered and rescued animals.
Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an organization dedicated to educating people about the rare and endangered animal in captivity and in the wild.

Raising awareness will aid the preservation and propagation of these creatures that are disappearing day by day. Several zoos accredited organizations and veterinarians from around the world contact Mr. Tabrue for healthcare advice on wildlife. Mr. Tabrue and all of his family members changed their whole life for the love of animals and decided to turn their home into a private zoo. This family helps thousands of animals for the last 50 years, including Limbani.