Lost Sunglass Lens Unbelievably Returned To Guy Missing It At Festival

Published September 4, 2019 6,571 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWhen setting off to a celebration, you can practically promise you will lose something, be it your telephone, bag or feeling of you who are. But one festival-goer changed the culture made it certain that a fellow traveler is left with both of his sunglasses lenses at the end of the festival. Maryrose Simpson discovered a lens lying on the ground at a festival named, Electric Picnic, in the place where she grew up in Ireland a few days ago.

While the majority of us probably wouldn't have thought anything about it and would have ignored the lying lens but Maryrose took the responsibility to find its rightful owner. Luckily. The mission was not as difficult as you might expect because she saw a bloke very soon who was unexpectedly wearing sunglasses having only one lens in (for sure you would just take them off at this point, no?).

The confident lady had found her man, Maryrose quickly reached after him and tapped him on his shoulder - and happily, the man was as excited about the whole thing as Maryrose was. Turns out the person was David, a horticulturist from Dublin, and Maryrose said his response made the glass gathering worth her time and energy. She was very much happy with David’s response to her. She said that even though we didn’t know each other, he even hugged me and was happy.

It's a beautiful little moment, but many people appreciated them and seem to start a new interaction with strange people.The video is nowadays the sensation of the internet and more than 70,000 people have watched it online. People have made different comments on the video. The interested guys asked: “what did you both did when you switched off the video. Did you had a dance together? Please finish this curiosity, please complete the story that I may feel relaxed”. There were many comments in which people had shown interest in their story.

However, others said that David may have sought total isolation off the back of all the complimenting comments that had been made about him, with one individual going the extent that saying that he was 'the most eligible single guy in Ireland'. At last David took part in the comments, writing: "Hi guys, I can't believe this”, he thanked all the people for their lovely comments. Unfortunately, neither Dave nor Maryrose have revealed anything that happened next, but we wish both of them a happy life.