Unbelievable Drummer Pulls Off Insanely Fast One-Handed Street Performance

Published September 4, 2019 2,703 Plays

Rumble / Unusual TalentsThis video portrays an incredible street performer who puts his unsurpassed musical skills to the test in front of a live audience who has gathered around him to watch the spectacle in action. The man first makes a promise to his eagerly watching audience that he will show them something they will never see again. He does not fulfill this promise until the end of his set, though, because that keeps the audience present and engaged as he takes the opportunity to show off and entertain the crowd.

The talented street performer playing the “bucket drums” in this video is Chris Harris. He has been obsessed with playing the drums since he was only nine years old. He is currently 47 years old, and it is obvious that his young childhood hobby that enthralled him as a boy has turned into a masterful talent that allows him to make a good living doing what he loves to do most in the world. This man made his dream his career, which is something so many millions of people around the world wish they had the courage to do.
The first cadence that Chris Harris plays for his amazed audience is super catchy, and it will have you nodding or tapping your foot right along with him and the crowd. However, Chris saves his best trick for last.

As he plays, he coaches the audience through the performance, keeping and holding everyone’s attention seemingly effortlessly. He has not only mastered the art of drumming, but he has also obviously mastered the art of holding the attention of an entire crowd for several straight minutes. This is an important skill for a street performer to have. If a performer is unable to hold the attention of the passing groups of people, he or she is not going to be going back home that night with very much money in their pocket.

The final trick that Chris Harris performs is the ability to create a ridiculously fast “drum roll” with only one hand, and this is, as he says, something that his audience will never see again as long as they live. He builds up to the moment of the single handed drum roll, enticing the audience to “wait for it.” When he finally does perform the drum roll, he does it perfectly! The audience is completely stunned. This is not something anyone can watch without having their mouth drop open in shock