Artist Incredibly Creates Floating Art Using Artificial Clouds

Published September 3, 2019 5,007 Views

Why is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and animals fill our hearts with joy unspeakable? While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious. Nature is beautiful because it is a manifestation of everything that is fervently pulsating with life on this planet. In the midst of nature, our minds become calm because we feel the pull of this joyful cosmic consciousness.

When we think of art pieces we usually think of remarkable drawings or sprat paintings and even string and wool intertwines which historically have been proven to draw attention of the public's eye. However, rarely or well, never do we see this done with artificial clouds. That's right, you heard that right, this guy took something so simple and made it into art.

An airy artist creates temporary floating sculptures shaped like elephants and even words using artificial clouds. Steve Hawn has a unique talent and needs no second invite to show it off as part of SmileCloudUSA. Using a simple solution of environmentally safe soap, normal water and the gases helium and nitrogen he proves to impress by creating sculptures of almost all kinds right in this video.

Never did we think is possible for clouds to be shaped into sculptures which we would prefer. As tales as old as time speak, clouds are simply vapors of oceans and lakes which later on turn to rain and spread it over our planet. However, when you see this video, much more comes to mind as this guy truly encourages you to think outside the box and see alternative possibilities as to how all that this nature offers can be turned into, well, art. Not often that we see such imagination nor the willing to push art into such direction. However, this goes to further promote all kinds of different art and different alternatives which can be used to promote art.

Looking at this video surly promises great in devours for the human race in the future. If someone can come along a create a figure of their desire with clouds imagine what the future holds. Truly inspirational! Take a look and be amazed as this guy does wonders. Enjoy!

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