Grandparents Build Harry Potter Themed Fortress

Published August 21, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Meet the little girl with possibly the best playhouse in the world -- a massive 350sqft Harry Potter themed fortress. Grandparents Dave and Ruby Dunlop had the incredible two-storey magical Wendy house built in their back garden, for their eldest granddaughter Logan, two.

The amazing structure features Hogwarts Castle, Ollivander's wand shop, Platform 9¾, and even part of the Dursleys' Privet Drive. It has a broom swing set, slide, and secret hatch, as well as a wooden bridge leading to an owlery, just like the one from JK Rowling's books.

It is, without a doubt, clear that the Harry Potter franchise has impacted a lot of lives throughout the years. Knowing what we know today about the origins and how it was extremely difficult for JK Rowling to have it published, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where there is no Harry Potter.

Following the story of an orphan, left in the care of his rather nasty aunt, who lives under the staircase, Harry manages to transform into one of the greatest wizards in the world all in front of our eyes. The books, together with the film adaptations have managed to make a lot of children actually believe in magic and helped their imagination flourish.

All around the world, pediatricians and therapists agree that children should be exposed to books from an early age. Reading stimulates a child’s imagination and creativity, as well as allowing them to quickly make logical deductions and excel in other spheres of life. Learning how to read at an early age helps in grasping the essentials in school later on in life, it enhances alertness as well as training the eye to catch the smallest details.

There has been a bit of a debate about the topics of children’s books. Some people are wondering how far is far enough, and whether reading about certain things might lead to future violent and aggressive behavior in children, as well as prompting depressive and suicidal episodes. This is why it is so hard to decide what is really the best literature for your kid.

However, what most of the parents, teachers, and therapists can agree upon is that the Harry Potter universe has been nothing but beneficial for a child’s development. Channeling Harry’s bravery, Hermione’s wit, and Ron’s dedication to helping his friends, the children are able to navigate through the early stages of childhood all throughout their late teens. They are definitely the heroes the children didn’t even know they needed.


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    Now this young lady is going to have many things to talk about concerning her childhood when she grows. Very Nice!

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