Little bunny standing on owners front

Published August 20, 2019

Rumble Mini rabbits or dwarf rabbits are docile, interactive and intelligent animals. They are small mammals in the lagomorph family and not rodents as some people think. They can be created indoors or in apartments. They range between 25 and 35 cm in length and weigh between 1 and 2 kg. They live around 6 to 8 years and do not need vaccines. They wash themselves, so they do not need a bath. Certainly, its owner will not have high maintenance and food costs. Hence the fact that they conquer people of all ages.

The intelligence of the mini rabbits is also superior to that of the ordinary rabbit, they obey commands and seem to perceive more the world around them, even clinging to the owner. You can see them with erect or drooping ears, short or long hair, blue, brown and red eyes and various hair colors - white, black, mottled, brown, gray, among others. High temperature environments should be avoided as they can cause fertility problems and are fatal. They like temperatures from 18 to 25ºC. However, they are resistant to cold.

Mini rabbits are good breeders, but they breed fewer chicks than larger species. Mini rabbits are born four to six young after one month of mating. In 35 days, they are weaned. Coverage, which happens for seconds, is best done when done in the morning and at dusk. Take the female to the male's cage at these times if you want a good squad.

They can eat pelleted feed (around 70 g), as long as you sift it before serving, as the dust can cause respiratory and eye irritation in your bunny. Likewise, they like to eat hay and alfalfa (pelleted or diced). This should be given to the animal only once a week (a little cube or two tablespoons).

Vegetables, fruits and vegetables should make up 25% of your diet, such as kale (1 small leaf), broccoli leaves (1 small leaf), chicory (1 leaf), quail (1 leaf), apple (1 / 4), banana (1 slice), peach (1/3), pineapple kernels, string beans (1 unit), cucumber (1 slice), jilo (1/2). They should be given only once a day raw. Fresh water should always be available.

The Holand Lop arose in the Netherlands. They present by the short, full body and robust constitution. They have short necks and strong legs. Its ideal weight is 2 kg. Your head should be round and voluminous, with a very short neck, and should be close to the shoulders. Its ears are 21 to 26 cm, close to the head, like crowns that result from the fold of the ears. They can be gray (brown with gray base layer with black markings and brown eyes), blue / gray (brown base gray with blue markings and gray eyes with same color), gray steel (light gray base coat, black markings and brown eyes), blue (light gray background color with blue markings and blue eyes).