Bison Stampede Crushes Rental Car With Family Inside It

Published August 20, 2019 3,883 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeHave you ever run into a stampede of bison along the way? Probably not, since it is something that does not happen everywhere, it is something that can only be seen in few places in the world. Bison generally always walks accompanied, since they do not like to be alone, for them it is always better to be accompanied, so they help each other defend themselves, so it is very common to see bison stampedes in some places, although sometimes things They usually go wrong. In this case, you can see how a rented car was injured while the bison stampede ran along the road, but fortunately, the people inside the car were not injured. This is really amazing!

On August 13, Bruce Delle Chiaie, 50, rented a car to travel with his family, consisting of his wife and three children. When Bruce was driving through the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, there was a stampede of huge bison trying to cross the street, but they were not alone, there were other cars in the place trying to do everything possible not to get hurt and just enjoy of the moment The good news is that, although a bison crashed into the car and broke the windshield, it turned out to be a lot of fun for the whole family, since no one was injured and everyone laughed a lot. This family had an interesting day!

For most, traveling has very positive effects; It allows you to disconnect from routine and stress, live unforgettable experiences, find yourself, open your mind, meet other realities and cultures, etc. Children are no exception, through the trip, they enjoy good family moments, they develop in a more rational and thoughtful environment. and critical thinking and, in addition, to acquire new values and abilities of emotional and social type.

Traveling increases the ability to observe, see new realities, meet different people, new cultures, new languages, new ways of doing ... This vision of other realities will improve the adventurous sense of children, who want to know and discover new places. In short, you will discover your curiosity. They will also learn to be more respectful and tolerant of others and the environment.

During trip planning, it is important that children participate in the experience; This will motivate them, allow them to make decisions and make them feel valued. During the trip, it is good to let them decide and that, in certain parts of the trip, it is they who say what to do or where to go, allows them to develop autonomy and personality from an early age. They should also be asked what their opinion is before, during and after the trip. Traveling with children can be a very pleasant and pleasant experience that never ends, as it creates memories and unforgettable experiences that will accompany children throughout their lives.

When traveling, it is recommended that you read about the animals present in the area, to avoid some discomfort, as happened to this family. When there are animals nearby, especially the bison, it is important that we remain calm and stop the car, since in this way the bison will not feel threatened. Knowledge is power!


  • DavidMcNab, 5 weeks ago

    Hopefully the earnings from the video will offest the insurance deductible!

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  • debdeb, 5 weeks ago

    Did I see a couple of Lions in there?

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  • Fido43, 5 weeks ago

    Hardly a stampede.

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