Adorable Toddler Feeds An Eagle Baby

Published August 20, 2019 59 Views

Rumble An adorable toddler from Indonesia feeds the baby of black wing kite species in Indonesia. She shows her love to the bird by giving it with small cuts of meat and rub its fur during the mealtime.

The girl, named Dylan Maharani is well known for her interaction with the animals. She was recorded brushed crocodile teeth, put medicine to python with mouth infections, and playing with centipedes.

Reportedly the three years old girl got her animal-loving nature from her father, who provides care for injured exotic animals, and has been interacting with the dangerous reptiles since she was two-years-old.

Effendi, when asked about concerns for his daughter's safety with these animals, commented: "I understand what the others' feeling. It is true that I am sometimes scared, but after seeing her interaction with the animal, the scary feeling goes away.

"First time she plays with a wild animal, I always watch and give directions on what to do. But now, she has understood what to do as well as what is restricted when with an animal.

"Every time she cures the animal, Maharani always cries and the animal will follow what she needs them to do.

"It is never easy to handle a python with sprue. The animal must be stressed and doesn't want to be touched.

"When my mother touched the python, it twisted on her arm very tight and hurt her. But when Maharani took care of it, the python relaxed and strengthened its body.

"To be honest, currently I don't have any worries about her when playing with animals. I don't know why. I believe in her, and so do the animals."