Police Look for 'Baby Jesus' Motorcyclist Who Performed Stunts While Evading Police

StoryfulNews Published August 13, 2019 27 Plays

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsA motorcyclist in Blue Mound, Texas, appeared to taunt police on Sunday, August 10, when he performed stunts and tricks while evading officers. Police used the nickname Baby Jesus to describe the “stunt rider.” The officers pursued the motorcyclist after he fled from police during an attempted traffic stop. Footage of the chase shared to the Blue Mound Police Department Facebook page shows the motorist doing wheelies and appearing to stand on the motorcycle as he weaves in and out of traffic on the I-820. The rider can also be seen breaking red lights. Police said they are still looking for the suspect. “We have identified the rider. Sebastian, aka: “Baby Jesus” you need to come speak to us regarding this incident or we can come to you. We could have a come to ‘Baby Jesus’ meeting,” the department wrote on Facebook. Credit: Blue Mound Police Department via Storyful