Plane Bursts Out From "Nowhere" To Land At Gatwick Airport

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Rumble / Airplane IncidentsAn airplane is a machine with wings that allows people to travel to different places through air travel. It is invented by two American brothers who are famously know as the "Wright Brothers". The names of these brothers are Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. Surprisingly, the brothers were unable to finish high school during their lifetime. But this did not hinder them from inventing one of the most innovative and useful invention of all time.

The invention of airplane significantly decreased the time it takes for people to travel back and forth their destination. It made people's lives more convenient. That being said, the travel time using air transportation is generally faster than other modes.

The airplane, though invented by the Wright Brothers, has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years. It has a evolved from the small and simple two winged aircraft by the Wright Brothers to a grandiose airplane that is capable of carrying hundreds of people. An example of the plane's evolution is the Emirates airbus A380. This plane weighs between 510 and 575 tons, has 4 million parts and is as long as 2 blue whales and as tall as 5 giraffes. It has a seating capacity of more than 600, wingspan of 79.8 meters, length of 72.7 meters and height of 24.1 meters. This plane is really an evolution of the Wright Brother's plane.

Nowadays, modern airplanes load and unload passengers through an airport. These airports have tarmacs from which the airplanes can gain momentum to fly, if they are departing, or have time to slow down, if they are arriving. There are usually no grandiosity involved with the departure or arrival an airplane while it is still in the sky. It just a plain winged machine arriving or departing in the airport. Even Heads of States do not receive a grandiose arrival or departure while the planes they are on are still in the sky. This is most probably for security purposes. But they do receive a grandiose welcome when the plan has landed.

Emirates airbus A380 which travelled from Dubai to Gatwick Airport, London on July 23 is on a different level when it comes to arriving with style. Its arrival to the airport is unlike the ordinary arrival of most planes. It could possibly be the grandest of all airplane arrival. It made quite an entrance by flying through a low cloud cover before approaching the tarmac. This can be seen in the video. This event was even described as an "awesome morning arrival" by the video sharer Aeronews Twitter page.


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    Now that is some grand entrance!

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