Treasure Hunters Discover Safe Full Of Money While Demolishing Abandoned Mansion

Published August 5, 2019 593 Plays

Rumble This video, posted by Joe McFarlane, depicts a situation that has long been a very popular fantasy for people all over the world since the beginning of time. Treasure hunting for some is just an entertaining pastime; however, for others, it is a way of life. The father and son demolition duo in this video had a stroke of incredible luck when they ran across an old safe while working one day.

The men open the safe, having had to cut it apart since they did not possess the proper key to open the safe. The surprise can be heard from the son’s voice as he gets entrance into the safe. Anticipation builds as he reaches inside the safe to see if there is anything inside of it. Any true treasure hunter knows that most of the time, they will not actually find any major treasures, but the hunt is half the fun. This particular day, though, had some surprises in store for these gentlemen.

The safe contains a few different items. The first one that the men examine is what they describe as an old, Chinese knife or dagger of some kind. The second item found inside the old safe is a white and red box of ammunition. The men state that there is not a gun in sight that the bullets would have been purchased for, but there is ammunition. The third item is a black box that was in the back of the safe. When the father, Rick, opens the box, he sees that it is a jewelry box. This box was probably some kind of family heirloom. It was evidently very important to the owner. This assumption can be made because it was one of the few items that someone felt were valuable enough to merit locking them in a very large and sturdy safe. The men also find a gold chain and an old skeleton type key. There is also an antique and very beautiful pocket watch.

The final item is the most exciting. In the back left corner of the safe sat a small, yellow envelope. At first glance, the men assume it is probably holding documents; however, they see a phrase written on the outside of the envelope that says “Emergency Money.” The lucky men open the envelope to find a collection of 100 dollar bills, totaling to $2200 in all. This was definitely an exhilarating find for the guys!


  • debdeb, 3 weeks ago

    Pretty amazing. I hope they had permission to go into the mansion and take what they found. That place is pretty pristine so I find it hard to believe that somebody just left it for anyone to go into.

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  • 56802, 3 weeks ago

    This looks to me a house set up for sale and they broke in and looted it. Hope they get caught

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  • jamesseadie, 3 weeks ago

    Notice that the the video is not a continuous take. The bottom was already away in the final shot before it was opened up. All the items could have been easily placed under the loose metal flange, to then be "discovered". The money was also way too new, clean and crisp, for it to have been in there any significant length of time where the owners would have abandoned/forgotten it. Highly suspect. But hey...whatever it takes to get people to watch a video so they can actually make money instead of fake money.

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  • ronald1216, 3 weeks ago

    why was the mansion abandoned the cash face is new not as old as the safe

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