Prankster Challenges Strangers To Water Fights On The Street

Published August 1, 2019 2,328 Plays

Rumble / PranksPranking is where someone plays a practical joke or mischievous trick on someone else. It is not intended to harm the other person. It is only intended to cause some sort of amusement or laughter to the prankster and the spectators. The person pranked may also be amused by being pranked but most of the time they are not amused. This is especially true if they dislike the person who is pranking them. They most usually view this as offensive to their feeling and an insult. They might feel embarrassed, perplexed or confused as a result of the prank. But not all person who are pranked view it in a negative way since only a few think this way. Also, more and more people understand what a prank is. So, more pranksters are doing non-offensive pranks and more person who are being pranked would most probably just laugh at being pranked. They might also playfully sort of have a revenge against the pranksters but this is harmless since as previously stated this is done in a playful fashion.

Everyone has experienced pranking or being pranked on way or another. We usually start experiencing a prank during childhood. It is during childhood where we start to play games. And usually the games evolve into a playful prank against the playmates. And the playmates, in turn, will perform a vengeful playful prank against their original pranksters.

As stated before, more and more pranks are non-offensive. They are done purely for amusement. This video exactly shows what a non-offensive amusing prank is. A group of pranksters walked around the streets of Virginia to challenge the passers-by into a water fight. At the first the passers-by did not play with the prankster. They were hesitant in engaging in a water with them. Some were even shocked by the act of the pranksters in tossing them a super soaker. But later on, the passers-by encountered by the pranksters were more playful. The passers-by engaged in a water fight against the pranksters using a super soaker. Passers-by of different ages, of different race and of different gender sex engaged in a water with them. The ones challenged by the pranksters are not limited to people. As seen at the start of the video a small doggie is challenged to the water fight by the pranksters. The pranksters even placed the super soaker near the small doggie. Unfortunately, the small doggie did not pick up the super soaker.


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