Hilarious Cat Looks Permanently Angry

Published July 31, 2019 1,796 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensA feline that looks for all time grouchy has amassed a tremendous social media following for his consistent glaring expression. Because of his unordinary blend of breeds, Juno seems to have increasingly irritating gratitude to his facial highlights.

An Instagram page titled Juno The Angry Cat has in excess of 184,000 fans. His fans are committed to the point, that Juno presently even has his very own product, with fans spread out over Europe, Australia and America.

Because of the excessive hair confining his face, and his casual nature, Juno has had his hair styled to look like horns, and with his irritated face, the expressive pet can rack over 10k likes in a single photograph.

Owner Dominique Teta, from New Jersey, chose to set up an account for the cat in the wake of seeing the staggered responses of the individuals who met him.

The 21-year-old stated: "Juno looks irritated 95 percent of the time. We think this is basically down to his peculiar breed since Juno is quite chilled and not furious by any means. Notwithstanding his facial highlights, Juno is such a chilled feline. He generally is close-by and will periodically come on your lap for the body rub.

The main time he yowls is while he is playing or in the event that he hears us people contend and, at that point, he will get concerned and howl in your face. Juno is principally a Himalayan blend - we know his mother is a dark-colored point Himalayan and his dad we were told was half Himalayan and half Burmese. As of now we currently looking out for DNA results to indicate this yet she knew Juno since the day he was conceived, really and I do discover his story amusing - he was the solitary cat in a litter, which is surprising and total surprise for me."

Juno keeps on ascending in notoriety, Dominque has turned into low maintenance Instagram influencer manager just as right now she is applying to go to a doctor associate school.

Dominque included: "I am certainly shocked at the response he gets. I mean - I realize he is one of the coolest looking felines, don't misunderstand me, yet to have over 185K followers was never an idea in my brain. I adore seeing that he has fans everywhere throughout the world; we have individuals strolling around in Germany and Australia wearing Juno's face on sweatshirts.