Greedy Cat Refuses To Share Food With Feline Friends In China

Newsflare Published July 30, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIs it not so annoying when someone tries to eat the food from your plate? The food that you intentionally out there because you were looking forward to eating it? Maybe it does not bother you when someone takes the last French fry from your plate without asking you first, but it sure bothers the cute cat from this video! If you are like him, and you do not like sharing food, you will be able to relate to his hilarious reaction. Each way, this video clip will make you smile for sure!

A funny video emerged in china show a Greedy cat refuses to share food with feline friends in a funny way.

The video, filmed in Luoyang city in Henan province on July 5, shows the greedy cat using its one paw to push his feline friend away while eating from a bowl of food.
When the third cat tried to join, it can be seen putting another paw onto the side of the bowl to protect its food and he is in no mood to share his dinner with others! So his friends are left with no choice but to wait until his turn.

It is pretty clear that this greedy cat is overprotective of his food and he is not willing to share it with other fallen friends! LOL! So funny!

Cats are rather solitary creatures, they are independent and they do not pay much attention to other people’s needs and wants. Pooches on the other hand love to please everyone. They are the cuddliest fur babies ever and they absolutely justify the saying that ‘dogs are a man’s best friend.’ In order to maintain the peace in the house, cats pester canines and canines take the brunt for it, the best friends that they are.

Learn the underlying reasons for your cat are stubbornness to make the behavior less aggravating. You have to understand that they are not doing that on purpose and try to get to the core of the determination. You have to find a way to teach them, but always remember that those ways have to be smart and easy both for you and your cat. You should never hit or hurt your cat! At the end of the day, you have to remember that they are their own leaders!

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