Heartwarming moment American kayaker rescues seal trapped in fishing line in Namibia

Newsflare Published July 26, 2019 43,363 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThis was the incredible moment Matt Ian from San Francisco and his friends rescued a seal in the middle of the sea off Namibia.

The clip filmed on July 20, unfortunately, is a regular occurrence according to the filmer due to the area being a regular fishing area, resulting in a lot of leftover equipment floating in the sea.

The footage shows the kayakers all teaming together to attempting to get the seal free from the mass of fishing line around his neck.

“It's seldom that we can actually get close enough to the entangled animals in the water to grab them.

“I felt this guy kept coming to me and allowed me to grab him. This was the 5th attempt to free him! He gave up a good fight and got be totally soaked but we won in the end!” Matt told Newsflare.

We know that living life in the wild can be a very challenging and difficult job to do. However, for wild animals it has been many generations back that they have gathered very useful information from their predecessors on how to successfully survive in the wild. The wild animals are constantly under many threats and continually must fight for their survival. Imagine having all of that to think about and plus additional factors which you will later see in this video.

Having said this, it would be of big help that we d something which helps them by only not making their life even more difficult than it is. We as humans have brought along with us many innovative ways in order to make our lives better and forget all about the creatures with which we share this planet. That's right! We are going to open up the topic of global warming and even the carelessness we as humans have toward this place that is our permanent home we call Earth.

With our big factories, with our cars and careless exploitation of the Earth we have managed to beat it up in a very bad shape. There is proof out there that at this point our life on earth is pretty limited as we are doing nothing to prevent it from being damaged even further. The sooner we wake up and realize that we can help our home in healing and getting it back on track, the better the outcome will be for us.

In the nature of the topic, here we see a seal that has been trapped by a fishing line and has no way of helping itself escape. If this seal had not been found by these kayaks it would have been stuck to the point of starvation and death.

Thankfully these guys find them self's in the right place at the right time in order to help out this poor seal. Take a look as to see how important our every move is and how essential we are for providing further live on this planet! The quicker we realize this the better off will be!

This is truly one of those eye opening moments through which we can learn something additional that speaks volumes regarding what kinds of consequences our actions have. Take a look at this kayaker's brave actions o help this seal! Take a look at this priceless moment!


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