Oddly satisfying footage of a cicada's metamorphosis

Newsflare Published July 23, 2019 206 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesA woman named Ma Chunyan captured the metamorphosis of a cicada in northern China.

The timelapse video, filmed in Xingtai city in Hebei province on July 3, shows a cicada stretching its body out of its shell.

Ma said she waited for three hours before recording the 85-minute metamorphosis which saw the cicada grow a pair of wings.

Do you know what happens when a cicada tries to develop in a metamorphosis process? Then watch what happens in this video! Many people consider that the evolutionary processes of insects are quite interesting, so if you are one of those people, you will surely like to observe the incredible images that show how strange the metamorphosis of a cicada is. In general, metamorphosis is a natural process that occurs and is present in most insects, this with the aim of developing and changing the shell and, therefore, acquiring a new appearance and new features and attributes as is the case of the wings. This is really fascinating!

In the city of Xingtai, located in the Chinese province of Hebei, a woman named Ma Chunyan managed to film the incredible moment while a cicada performs a natural process of metamorphosis, leaving her old shell and releasing new wings. Throughout the video you can see how the cicada slowly stretches its body until it can leave the shell, obviously it is very happy because it knows that it will have a new appearance and a pair of new wings. The woman reported that she waited patiently for three long hours until she managed to record the exact moment of the metamorphosis, which lasted approximately 85 minutes until the cicada managed to stretch her two new and very beautiful wings that will help her travel the world. The time has come to fly and travel the world!

Metamorphosis is a natural and biological process that occurs in most insects and even also occurs in some animals, since metamorphosis is the process by which insects develop and make changes in your body. In the case of cicadas and butterflies, in the process of metamorphosis, these insects change dramatically in appearance as they tend to transform from strange larvae to flying insects quite attractive to most. The cicadas change their shell about four times throughout their lives, allowing them to improve their appearance and develop their wings better.

For many people, cicadas are very annoying insects, since they produce a loud sound that is very easy to identify, especially when there are many cicadas in the place, since in this way they can even be heard over long distances. The truth is that there are other people who, if they enjoy the sounds produced by cicadas, since it is something unique and particular to these insects and consider it something that must be taken into account. Unlike other insects, cicadas do not affect the environment or the people around them, since they only feed on the sap of plants throughout their lives. There should be cicada concerts!

Cicadas are impressive insects that always surprise people, especially when it comes to their variety of appearances and the very characteristic sound they produce. Sharing information and videos about the development and evolution of these insects is very productive, since people can see it and acquire new knowledge about these pleasant insects. It is never too late to learn something new!