Dad Tricks Both Of His Young Daughters Into Ending Their Tantrums

Newsflare Published July 12, 2019 31,567 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsEach father has a special relationship with his kids. Some dads are tricky and they handle the situation with some tricks and make their kids stop crying while some can’t handle the situation and face a lot of problems. A father of two daughters has got a trick to stop his daughters from crying and whining. Watch the video and have look over a tricky dad who makes his daughters stop crying.

The father recorded the sweet moments. Both of his daughters calm down after throwing hysterical tantrums. After they started to cry on their turn during their holidays in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in April this year.

The trick works all the time for the dad of three and six-year-old daughters saying: "I found this trick with one of my daughters a long time ago. It works every time and we get rid of the tantrums".

In the video, two daughters can be seen crying and complaining about something to their dad. The dad listens to them and tells them to stop for a while. When he gets success in stopping both of them for a while, he then tells them that this is his turn to cry, not the daughters. He starts crying in a loud manner, then he stops and tells the youngest daughter to cry. She starts crying but soon stops crying and looks at the dad strangely. Then the dad tells the elder daughter to start crying, she starts crying and after sometimes the dad tells her to stop again because of it his turn. This way he gets success to break the rhythm of the children’s tantrums and make them forget their sadness and frustration.

Some kids may have tantrums usually, and others have it sometimes. Tantrums are just a normal part of child development. That’s how young children show that they are frustrated or upset.
Tantrums happen when kids are tired, hungry, and uncomfortable. They can have this situation when they can't get something of their choice (like a toy or a parent) to do what the child wants. Learning to deal with anger and sadness is a skill that children gain over time.

Tantrums are common during the second year of a child’s life when language skills are in the developing phase. Because toddlers can’t say clearly what they want till that time. This frustrating experience may cause a tantrum. As soon as language skills improve, tantrums tend to decrease.