Centipede Mother Hugs Newborn Babies

Published July 12, 2019 8,288 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis video shows a mother centipede is hugging its newborn babies. This is a precious sight, even if it is a six-inch-long centipede doing it.after lying their eggs, centipede mothers wrap their bodies around their offspring to protect them and offer warmth. This is a confusing blend of creepy and adorable!

Centipede lover Lee Sung, 20, from South Korean city Incheon has several terrariums where he keeps enormous individuals of scolopendra, including poisonous ones. In this video, Lee Sung shows one of his insects as it cradles its bunch of newborns. The insect's baby makes up a wriggling ball as their mom tries to keep them under restraint with some of her several legs. These centipedes, whose foods consist of grasshopper’s larvae and other soft-bodied pests, carry their newborn around by gripping them with their rear legs.

The scolopendras, otherwise known as the Amazonian giant centipede, are venomous but also nervous and jumpy. They can grow to eleven inches long and their legs are used both to immediately engage and retreat from, an opponent. Their predators include blackhead snakes. The large insects have even been known to eat bats. Their method for killing a bat includes lingering on the walls of caves, gripping the ceiling with their hind legs and bounding at their prey. On the ground, they coil themselves around the prey, which can include small frogs or anything else they can overpower, before breaking it into pieces as they consume it.

When the baby centipede grows to a certain extent, the mother centipede releases the baby from the guard bun, allow them to survive on their own. Earlier in May, Lee captured one of his pets at it lay on its back with a brood of newborns crawling on top of it. Lee sung said: “I have been holding scolopendras for about two years now.
“I am not sure how usually these centipedes grow in the wild, but this was definitely an extraordinary event for me. “I was lucky to capture it on the mobile phone.”

Centipede is one of the insects that make people frightened. Maybe not many people are brave enough to click the clip. Watching the scene hundreds of centipedes crawling on the ground, many people shudder. Do you dare to watch the whole clip? Many people shudder when watching the video. Do you dare to watch it? Got a story for us? Need to tell us about something amazing you have seen or done? Want us to investigate something?

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