Touching Moment Two Schoolboys Help Classmate With Cerebral Palsy During Break Time

Newsflare Published July 12, 2019 3,109 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesTwo primary school students from the Philippines certainly proved that they are boys with a golden heart for feeding and helping one of their classmates, suffering from cerebral falsy. The video has gone viral on different social media websites in which two young students of an elementary school named Yuan and Karl can be seen feeding and fanning their class fellow named Hans, who is suffering from cerebral palsy. The three boys are class fellows and students of Christine Lopez at a school of special education. Lopez fills in as a Special Education instructor at Mouaque Resettlement Elementary School in the Philippines.

This is a sweet moment in which two young students take care of their classmate, Hans. The three young boys are class fellows in the special education class. Yuan Jimenez, seven-year-old and Karl, five-year-old can be seen taking care of Hans Erlasan giving snacks to him who is eight-year-old, as he is in his wheelchair. Jimenez offers the special boy crisps while Paguio checks wither he is comfortable or not and adjusts a fan so that he may stay cool in the hot weather. At one moment in the footage, Yuan even asks his classmate to open his mouth for the chips, he is about to feed him in such a loving manner.

This heart touching act of kindness was observed at break time by their instructor named Christine Lopez inside their classroom in Moauaque Resettlement Elementary School in the Philippines.
Christine said: she had been instructing the two boys Yuan and Karl to help Hans feel more comfortable during the class. But she was touched when she saw them doing it on their own, giving him company at break time even she did not ask them to help Hans that day. “That day, they did the noble job even I had not told them to do so. That’s why I felt so happy and blessed to have students like them.

"I will remember them throughout my life. I am more motivated now and will try my best to make all my students like them.” Hans' mother, Jocelyn, watched the video and thanked the teacher for being an ideal instructor and a role model for her class. The boys may be young yet but they are doing a great job and have good hearts by helping their friend. We hope the three boys stay good friends for the rest of their lives.