Mum Surprises Boy With Much-Coveted 'Forky' Toy

Storyful Published July 11, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsA mum in Falkirk, Scotland, surprised her little boy with a much-desired gift of a Forky toy. Mum Hayley O’Donnell told Storyful that two-year-old Harry had been begging his parents for the toy since he saw the character in Toy Story 4, on his first cinema trip. She added that the family had been on a caravan holiday to Sandy Bay, Northumberland, where Harry had spotted the toy in an arcade machine and persuaded his parents to make many fruitless attempts to win one. O’Donnell ordered the toy from Amazon as a gift for Harry on return from holidays, and she captured this video of the surprise on July 8. “Harry and forky have been inseparable since,” she said. Credit: Hayley O’Donnell via Storyful