Marine Shocks Unsuspecting Mom With Surprise Visit After Over A Year Away From Home

Published July 11, 2019 44,828 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesRegardless of whether it's a young marine taking off abroad to begin his training or a staff sergeant in the military for quite a long time on save, being isolated from their families is not an easy job. These men sacrifice more than many people, just to serve their nation. And most of the time they are not present on special occasions at home, like marriages, the birth of their children, etc.

From one youthful marine surprising his dad at work to a mother declaring her homecoming on her child's school function to a dad surprising his disabled little girl during their Skype session – these are probably the most heart touching minutes a family can have. The way that they are on the whole military homecomings that bonds them together.
These are truly heart touching moments of surprise home arrival, filmed in camera. The reactions are actual and full of emotions and joys.

A young marine who had spent over one year away from home surprised his mom by coming back home unexpectedly. Lakisha McDonald, forty-two-year-old was the happiest mom on the planet when she saw her dearest son after spending more than one year apart. The marine is suited and booted in his charming military uniform, standing nervously at the door of his home for his family. After hearing a knock on the home’s door, the Tampa, resident of Florida moved towards the door. As she opened the door, she saw her son, Darquari, Twenty-year-old, in his charming Marine’s uniform.

His mother Lakisha said: "He keeps many things secrete from me about his job and duty because he doesn’t want me to be worried for him all the time. Even his grandparents didn’t know about his coming home until he knocked on the door and I opened the door. I just really needed him these days because Holidays are supposed to be spent with the family together”. Lakisha was so excited that she started jumping out of joy, and she even physically lifted her son from the ground. She was in shock seeing her surprisingly, who was not at home throughout the last 16 months.

Darquari’s sister, named Lakia, said: “It was surprising to see my Brother at home, I missed him a lot during these days. “I and my beloved Brother have a wonderful sibling relationship. It makes us proud to see him in uniform. My mother’s reactions were somewhat funny but heart touching. My mother is everything for us, we are happy when she is happy.”