Bowlbot 5000 Robot Serves Up Insane Bowling Strike

Published July 8, 2019 3,373 Plays $1.93 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWe've all watched it by now, the viral video of a machine seems to toss a bowling ball in a bowling ally, resulting in a very great strike. The video has been broadly shared recently on the social media sites, and also became a meme. In the video, an automated arm can be seen getting a bowling ball and throwing it down a lane, claiming to demonstrate the abilities of the BowlBot 5000. The original video was shared on a social media site named Vimeo by a user Tom Coben, and it took the internet by storm. When he shared it in Twitter, it quickly became the social media sensation, with about 70,000 retweets.

So, what's the actual story behind the viral sensation?The viral video showing a robot aggressively bowling has persuaded many of the people that robots are now bowling champions. The video, however, is completely computer-generated. Well, that's a big surprise! According to a website, Tom Coben is a motion graphics designer who is expert in making a different kind of videos like the video above having a robot, including another video that has an iguana which shoots lasers out of its nostrils and strange spectral shapes expanding over different streets. This isn't the first fake video that became the internet sensation. In June 2019, a terrifying video appearing to show a park ride in South Korea was proved to be fake, as well as a video of a 'Boston Dynamics' robot showing it fighting back against humans.

The way the ball is shot by the BowlBot 5000 that is completely impossible according to the laws of physics too. According to experts, the rotations of the robotic arm's spin could never have any impact on the bowling ball or its direction. More than 16 million people viewed the video and 70,000 people retweeted it so far, the tweet seemed to persuade numerous that robots will rule the bowling world in the near future. Despite Coben included many hashtags indicating that the clip was just a 3D animation, he added: “I guess I have to mention that this is a computerized robot, not a real bowling robot”. People were very quick and started the discussion that bowling robots actually do exist but they are not that much accurate and impressive as the one in the video. However some of the people were able to distinguish the robot as fake, the video shows that many can still be made a fool because the art of creating realistic computer-graphics has become more common.


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