Curious Cat Attempts To Fight 3D Picture Of Another Feline

Newsflare Published July 8, 2019 798 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensA lot of people who favor their companionship will claim that there is not a smarter, more cunning animal than a cat. Sure, they are natural born killers, able to pounce on an unsuspecting foot approaching from the corner or a shred of light shining from a crevice somewhere. They could swat a fly mid air if they so desired. We have seen it happen! Yet, there comes a time in every feline’s life when they come across a foe so mysterious, so devious, they just...don’t know how to attack! Like when this little guy came across a … wall decal?

That’s right. This proves just how silly and sometimes nitwitted cats can be.

We get it. Rational people will say to this “you can not be serious, the cat has no idea that is not an actual animal.” To this we will chivalrously reply “do not rain on our parade, random rational person!” Cats’ nature given ability to see an “enemy” in anything and everything does not take away from the fact that they act like the greatest fools on the planet. Every cat does that, from the orange tabby in grandma’s house, to the mighty lion in the prairie. It is how they play and we love them for it. Mostly because of the free entertainment.

See, the owners of this poor fella stuck a sticker of a cat poking its head through a hole in the wall and just the right height so that they furry little buddy would have a buddy on its own to keep company. Ou guess is that little did they know their cat would go Mike Tyson on the decal and start attacking it with a mean right hook. Look at him go! He throws a few punches before tossing a left cross for good measure! Aw man, we could watch this clip for hours. It’s pretty simple really, just right-click on the clip and select “loop”. That way, you can watch silly Hao Ran approach the 3D picture on a wall and try to hit it for hours. It is mesmerizing, really.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a cat’s boxing skills? They might look tiny and soft when idle, but trust us when we say that if a cat wants to hit you for reasons undisclosed to the case, they will smack so hard, you just might count stars! Okay, maybe not that hard, but you will be able to feel the wrath of a cat that’s been crossed for this or that. And you’ll remember it.